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Displacement Fun .blend file available for download: Displacement Mapping Fun - Blender 3D by AlphaPrimeSaviour
Hi folks, I'm finally back ,after being minus a landline for almost a month.
Thanks to Bosslogic for sharing a video on his facebook page, that I want everyone here to see. Specifically people on DeviantArt, as it tends to be a serious issue on dA in particular.

Watch the video till the end, and you'll understand why I'm having a slight rant about this, everything said in this video is true to what is being done today.

Why Modern Art is So Bad

Artist discipline and Standard

The above explains my biggest issue with most pieces that are made nowadays, this can be seen on places like dA (DeviantArt) especially. 10 million pointless work, and a handful of decent artworks, but they get buried underneath all the rubbish that people spam dA with, because people/artists don't have discipline and standard of what is good enough to be shared or not. It doesn't matter what your level of expertise are, do you ask yourself "is it really good?" before uploading anything, or do you simply just upload every little bit of rubbish you can find or quickly make? I don't say I'm a pro, but I'm strict with what I upload and what is worth looking at. At the time of creating the work I do, I do it to the best of my knowledge/ability as possible at the time.

I constantly moderate my own portfolio and profile, and add or remove old works that I feel isn't living up to the standard I set for myself. If you're not able to do this, I'd suggest you learn what is a general standard, or delete your dA account, because ultimately, what you upload here, will give everyone else an idea of your standard and quality of work as well as a good or bad name to the talented individuals and the Artist community.

Particular what puts me off is 3/4 of the "3D Artists" found on places like dA here, spam dA with big breasted ugly looking characters with no real quality to it, no effort was made to create a decent looking image, no fundamentals of composition, scale, focus, detail or lighting was used, and instead a quick pre-made character, blows up its breasts, does a quick render that has no aesthetic, nor any originality nor any artistic value or standard, and ends up giving 3D Artists in general a bad name, and yet they get higher praise, daily deviations features etc, than the guys who spent 6+ months working on an environment/character/vehicle/weapon piece that is beyond human talents with a quality standard that is unmatched, but nothing is even being said about them.

Everything seems to go as "Art" nowadays, seems more like ignorance to me than anything else, as people look for "acceptance" and "fame" with their "Art", but instead of improvement, artistic value, quality, inspiration etc.

That is why I appreciate sites like CGSociety more so than places like dA. Like DeviantArt, CGSociety is for all levels of artists, and yet they generally have a higher standard, and if you're not good enough, do the effort to become a better artist, ask for help on forums who was specifically made for work in progresses or guys who are looking at improving upon their skills/abilities/talents, so that you could improve your standard, quality and be able to share your work and people can actually genuinely appreciate the talent, and artistic value and effort that went into making the piece.

This particular point I mentioned on a article that was published here on deviantArt about bad and good nudes. Exact same thing applies there as with everything art related. It is sad to see how far the standard has fallen that would determine what is "Art".

The best filter to provide the best experience on dA, is the filter that you're supposed to be for the type of work you share or not. Work in progresses are fine, but dubbing a piece final when it is something that you did in an afternoon with now real intent of making a quality piece, is the problem. I'm not as good as many other artists in the industry, but I genuinely try to build a piece as good as I possibly can, and with each new piece, I try to improve upon the previous where I can.

Tons of really poor quality/standard "work" is found on dA, and it seems as though more people are taking a like to this rubbish than appreciating someone with the skill, experience, and the knowledge they bled for in order to make the work they do with the standard they set for themselves. There are tons of good artists on dA, people with a real talent and amazing eye for quality, but do you see them often? No, no you don't, because you have 10 million "other" images that cloud your sight from the Artists who genuinely do the effort to make quality art pieces, and who genuinely deserve some recognition for their effort.

In no way do I say I deserve more recognition, nor do I say in any way or form that I'm better than anyone, but I do believe that many feel the same about the state of "Art" nowadays, and it needs to stop, as this rubbish isn't even close to anything worth noting, and dA is becoming a graveyard for poor quality "art". There are many great artists found here on dA and on many other CG Websites that I look up to, and that I'd dream to be as good as they are, but that doesn't make me spam websites with any crap I can dream up in a matter of seconds. I instead take longer to finish a project, and take more attention to detail and quality.

It starts with us, the "Artists", if you set a strict standard for yourself, and discipline yourself to a degree where people can appreciate the selective work you share, and appreciate your work for what it is worth, places like dA will become interesting again, as well as a source of inspiration for all.

Have a nice day. :)
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Ettienne Vorster
Artist | Digital Art
South Africa

My name is Ettienne, and I'm a freelancing 3D Designer. I mainly specialize in vehicles and environmental assets for games as well as movies.

I've been actively doing 3D design for the past 14 years, and is always on the lookout to improve my skills as a 3D Designer. My main 3D Application of choice is Blender 3D. I have various Game Development projects I've helped out with as well as many other projects done for clients globally.

You can find out more about my work at the link below:

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